Deal or no deal it could still be great news for UK manufacturing

Brexit has brought many challenges for UK industry in a time of significant uncertainty. As March 29th looms closer businesses will be making final plans in preparation for Brexit. But what can we do as a manufacturing industry to ensure we are resilient to the challenges that may be coming our way?


Establishing closer relationships and trading with British companies might be the single biggest decision to protect British manufacturing businesses. The UK is the only place we can be sure there will be no currency exchange, border controls or import costs. In the event of both a deal or no deal Brexit, international trade could be very unpredictable and sensitive for a while.


At Knight we are proud of our roots as a British, family run manufacturing company based in South Wales. The manufacturing industry in Britain is something we should be very proud of and is arguably one of our best exports to the world. The industry continues to drive excellent product standards and innovations. By pulling together at such an uncertain time we can safeguard the industry the best we can and use this as an opportunity to strengthen our industry relationships.


Knight Precision Moulding offer a highly flexible operation with a team that is experienced and prepared to work on bespoke projects. We have substantial in-house capabilities and have the benefit of our own tool shop which allows us to guarantee precision moulds for plastics to the highest of tolerances.


Working with a diverse range of industry sectors from consumer products to industrial parts and spares, Knight can take a rough sketch through to a delivered product, helping at every stage along the way.


We pride ourselves on our heritage as a British company and regardless of the outcome of Brexit, we plan to continue driving UK business and using our wealth of experience to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.


If you would like to know more about what we can offer, including our skills and experience with ‘reshoring’ manufacturing projects, email us at or call us on 02920 488129.