By hiring experienced engineers with varied real-world manufacturing and tooling backgrounds, we can assure our clients that our designers and operatives understand your industry and your technical language, and are able to offer you practical support along every step of our processes. We have a proven track record of offering real customer support; our people work with a friendly, open attitude and realise that regular communication is vital to our – and your – success.



We have the modern facilities, the talented people, the high-precision equipment and the passionate drive to ensure your project succeeds, regardless of its scale. Our machine list is impressive and growing all the time, and our facility has a successful history of taking on multiple engineering and tooling projects simultaneously without any effect on quality or deadlines. We are able to produce in volume, and have previously worked on projects ranging from micro-engineering to tooling up to 20 tonnes. We are also able to offer support from our tooling partners in the Far East.