Automotive industry solution

Knight recently completed a suite of tools for a well-known Tier 1 automotive moulding company.

The project required the bespoke manufacture of tools to enable the moulding specialist to start production of key vehicle components, under a new contract agreed with a major vehicle manufacturer.

All tools were made with the use of state-of-the-art machinery, using the skills and knowledge of Knight’s expert technicians, partners and engineers, ensuring they were completed to specification and delivered to the customer within the agreed time-scale.

The order was typical of today’s modern vehicle industry supply chain, which works through a series of subcontracted specialists, to deliver just in time production. This high efficiency approach contrasts with earlier, twentieth century vehicle manufacturing, when often the car company would directly control all elements of component manufacture under one roof, an alternative now acknowledged to have slowed the production process, holding substantial excess inventory within manufacturing systems.

KPT will continue working with the Tier 1 automotive moulder, supporting their ongoing production capacity and also preparing for future, additional tooling needs.