Construction safety product – helping our client win investment through design

Knight was approached by a customer with an innovative idea to improve safety in the construction sector, but who hadn’t yet gone far beyond the concept stage as he required further investment in the project.


It was part of our remit to not only undertake tooling for the client, but actually get involved in the intricacies of the design phase and act as a consultant to enable the client to get an investor on board with the project.


Knight Precision Tooling is proud to house its own 3D CAD design team, always working with an eye on practicality and the realities of manufacture. We were able to take the client’s design concept and create working models in software, a design process which was complicated by the need of the finished product to have some flexibility and ‘give’ in order to allow it to clip onto the construction equipment involved (we’re not permitted to divulge further specific details on our website, but please call 01443 831660 for as much information as we’re able to give).


In addition there were other pragmatic concerns to consider – namely the product had to be easily identifiable on site and be simply packaged into boxes of a specific quantity. We also supplied advice on product copyrighting and expected timescales for manufacture and possible markets.


We were able to supply designs and 3D-printed trial parts, in a matter of days, for the client to present to his investor before moving into manufacturing the relevant tool and producing a sample run – all achieved within a just few weeks. This phase has been successful and Knight Precision Moulding has now taken on the manufacture of bulk loads for the customer, the project bringing together the various talents within the Knight Group.


All the above was undertaken with an eye on maintaining competitive costing in the face of rival international suppliers, with the final design winning a national award.